2019 Finger Lakes Waterfalls Calendar


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Waterfalls are an amazing sight and are a calming inspiration. The Finger Lakes region of New York State is home to some of the world’s most charming and beautiful waterfalls: many of them easily accessible from main highways while others are hidden away where only a good map or guide will get you there.


Dewey Neild, a well-know and award-winning Photographer since 1979, has had a passion for waterfalls for many years. 2018 marks the 15th Anniversary year that Dewey has self-produced this Waterfall Calendar of the New York State Finger Lakes. As a special bonus, Monroe Payne, Honey De Lapa, Kevin Carlson and Brent Walton; associates in the Professional Photographers Society of New York State has contributed photos for this year’s calendar. This organization assists and provides support for photographers in perfecting their craft, and to maintain high ethical standards throughout the profession.


New features for 2018 are a 12” x 23” centerfold poster of Taughannock Falls, 94 Holidays of the major world cultures. A large beautiful map on the back shows locations of all 42 falls in the calendar. Previous and next month grids, colorful backgrounds behind your grids with daylight savings and moon cycles. I am extremely excited about this 15th anniversary calendar, and I know you will too.

Calendar is produced entirely in New York State, printed by Cayuga Press of Cortland.

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